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Finally! @firefox container settings now sync across all your devices through Firefox Sync.

Joe Burrow und pulverisieren mal eben die College-Football-Playoff-Rekorde. Schlecht für die .

Just released new versions of the known-shortprofile and the known-pinboard plugin to make your Apache error log happy. There were just too many deprecation warnings :(

"Ich sipp' den Tanqueray, weil ich nicht mehr zum Schlafen komm'". Kein Wunder bei dem Beat.

Wieder was gelernt: Aus "Fack Ju Göhte" wird im Englischen "Suck my Shakespeer".

Brian Warner auf den Spuren von Johnny Cash. Daumen hoch!

Google Digital Wellbeing Experiments

A collection of ideas and tools that help people find a better balance with technology. We hope these experiments inspire developers and designers to consider digital wellbeing in everything they design and make.

Some nice new ideas in the Digital Wellbeing realm. Currently trying out the Unlock Clock (which shows the number of phone unlocks as a wallpaper) and Post Box, which only delivers notifications at certain intervals.

Morph looks really promising as well, but it acts as a launcher and can't handle Android 10's gesture navigation which I got really used to. So, back to my Pixel Launcher then.



During yesterdays Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg I managed to get all my @withknown plugins composer-ready. Yay!

"Schon vergessen? KP, U-Stadt?" Natürlich nicht! Willkommen zurück Kinderzimmer Productions nach 8 Jahren Pause.

Und wie jeden Freitagnachmittag erfreuen mich die Notstromaggregate im Testlauf vor bzw. unter dem Bürofenster.

Websites mit 'Mozilla-Modern' betreiben ist wohl doch noch keine so tolle Idee. Zumindest nicht in einem Netzwerk mit SSL Inspection. :/ - old industrial lamps is your site for original factory lamps, industrial furniture and objects. We are an online shop that focuses on old industrial lamps. For many years, we have been going round Europe, collecting used factory lamps and restoring them, lovingly and professionally. Each individual lamp is a unique item, with signs of wear caused by the passage of time.

Lovely looking industrial lamps for ones home. As we're looking for a new lamp for our living room, maybe this is an option. Recommended by my optician. :)


Ah, the bliss of at the end of a workday.

Das und die neuen ANC-Kopfhörer, und schon ist die Baustelle vor dem Bürofenster einigermaßen auszuhalten.

The Secret To The Gruesome Sounds In Mortal Kombat Is Exploding Vegetables

Who knew that MK is powered by squished bell peppers and bananas.


Entdeckung des Wochenendes: Die Multicast-DNS-Funktion am @ubnt Security Gateway. Jetzt funktionieren Chromecast und Co. auch WLAN- bzw. VLAN-übergreifend!