Sozi is a zooming presentation editor and player.

Unlike in most presentation applications, a Sozi document is not organised as a slideshow, but rather as a poster where the content of your presentation can be freely laid out. Playing such a presentation consists in a series of translations, zooms and rotations that allow to focus on the elements you want to show.

If you ever need your own local Prezi, this is an option.

Return of the Tentacle

"Return of the Tentacle - Prologue" is a fan project and the unofficial sequel to the iconic adventure game "Day of the Tentacle". Purple Tentacle is back and tries to conquer the world and enslave humanity once more. The three friends Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie make their way back to the mansion of the mad scientist Dr. Fred – time travel should help saving the world.

Let's save this for those cold winter evenings...

Eine Besprechung gegenüber der Riegele-Brauerei in Augsburg. Den ganzen Tag riecht es nach gebrautem Bier. Folter!

Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg is back from hiatus! Had a great time w/ @cowglow and our newest member. Missed @jkphl though. :(

Running @Docker containers on Windows is cool. Until you run into weird CRLF/LF issues. Will this madness ever end?

Swiss Propaganda Research: Der Medien-Navigator 2018

Wie sind deutschsprachige Medien politisch und geopolitisch positioniert? Für den Medien-Navi­gator 2018 wurden insgesamt 80 verschiedene Publikationen untersucht.

Wie in jedem Jahr ein paar USD bei der @EFF eingeworfen. Solltet Ihr auch tun!


Ever wanted to simplify documentation and avoid heavy tools like Visio when explaining your code? This is why mermaid was born, a simple markdown-like script language for generating charts from text via javascript.

I'm staying with PlantUML for now.

The only cheat sheet you need. Unified access to the best community driven documentation repositories of the world.

Cheat sheets for the command line. Very neat!


Business and IT don't always understand each other. Cucumber's executable specifications encourage closer collaboration, helping teams keep the business goal in mind at all times.


Kitchen provides a test harness to execute infrastructure code on one or more platforms in isolation.


Fast, free and open-source spam filtering system.

Dokku - The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen

Powered by Docker, you can install Dokku on any hardware. Use it on inexpensive cloud providers. Once it's set up on a host, you can push Heroku-compatible applications to it via Git. They'll build using Heroku buildpacks and then run in isolated containers. The end result is your own, single-host version of Heroku.

Looks really nice. Don't have any use case now, though.

"Wir sind @SEEED! Und das ist unser Gebiet
Singende Caballeros auf'm bombigen Beat."

Jetzt schon an Oktober '19 denken.

"Couldn't load XPCOM.". Good morning to you too, Firefox 60.

The Verge: Pocket Casts acquired by NPR, other public radio stations, and This American Life

Pocket Casts, widely considered to be one of the best mobile apps for podcast listening, has been acquired by a collective group that includes NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago, and This American Life.

Interesting move. I don't hope this is all about putting advertising in the app. I'm not in the mood to switch my podcasting app.

Da setzt man auf moderne Technik, das papierlose Büro etc. Und dann rettet einem ein Faxgerät den Tag. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ can identify 508 and WCAG 2.0 issues in any environment - even on your developer's laptop. Because production is a bad place to discover bugs.

Check your website for accessibility issues.