No Third-Party: Revoke Third Party Acccess to your Accounts

Forgot what permissions you've given a website/application years ago? You're not the only one! We've put together a list of some of the most popular sites so you can review what permissions you've given third parties in the past.

New Year's cleanup!

Memorable site for testing clients against bad SSL configs.


Stockio - Download Free Vectors, Photos, Icons, Fonts and Videos

Choose from thousands of photos licensed in multiple categories such as nature, abstract, models and many more. All photos are free for personal and commercial use. No attribution required.

One can't have enough sources for free stock photos.


builder4impress - extremely WYSIWYG editor for impress.js

This tool allows WYSIWYG editing of impress.js presentations.

Alpha version, though. A bit rough around the edges.



Create custom search plugins for Firefox. Neat!


GitLab: Postmortem of database outage of January 31

Postmortem on the database outage of January 31 2017 with the lessons we learned. Runbooks

A good example for runbooks.


Increment issue 1: On-Call

Increment is dedicated to covering how teams build and operate software systems at scale, one issue at a time. In this, our inaugural issue, we focus on industry best practices around on-call and incident response.


Increment issue 3: Development

This issue of Increment focuses on the experience of being a developer within technology companies and startups, best practices that companies have created and adopted to help developers work more effectively, and the tools and processes that developers use to get their jobs done.


APuZ: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte

"Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte" - die Beilage zur Wochenzeitung "Das Parlament" - wird von der bpb herausgegeben. Sie veröffentlicht wissenschaftlich fundierte, allgemein verständliche Beiträge zu zeitgeschichtlichen und sozialwissenschaftlichen Themen sowie zu aktuellen politischen Fragen.


Das Parlament

Das Parlament ist eine politische Zeitung. Sie erscheint montags nach Plenarwochen des Bundestages, sowie an einzelnen Montagen während der sitzungsfreien Zeit. Der Schwerpunkt der Zeitung liegt auf der deutschen Innenpolitik.