builder4impress - extremely WYSIWYG editor for impress.js

This tool allows WYSIWYG editing of impress.js presentations.

Alpha version, though. A bit rough around the edges.



GitPitch is a service by developers for developers that generates beautiful, slideshow presentations directly from markdown found in GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket repos.

Yet another presentation tool. Looks useful though.


Reveal.js: The HTML Presentation Framework

Seems the next presentation will be done with Reveal.js. This looks awesome


WebSlides: Create Beautiful HTML Presentations

WebSlides makes HTML presentations easy. Just the essentials and using lovely CSS.


@fkarlitschek Regarding your presentation: Did you have a look at Webmention for the like/comment part? Seems the protocols are there


Listening to the Hack Day presentation of @jkphl at the Conference Nuremberg. Lets spread the IndieWeb idea!