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There are some @canonical spies on the move around here, beware! :)

@kirschner asks the audience in his talk: "Do we suck at desktop?" Not the first time we have to talk about this. :(

Keynote time at . Matthias Kirschner of @fsfe talks about the project.

.@openSUSE-Konferenz wieder direkt vor der Haustür. Nach einem tollen Event in 2016 gleich im Kalender eingetragen.

openSUSE Conference 2017

The openSUSE Conference begins Friday, May 26, at 10 a.m. and will finish on Sunday, May 28. The openSUSE Conference is the annual openSUSE community event that brings people from around the world together to meet and collaborate. The organized talks, workshops, and BoF sessions provide a framework around more casual meet ups and hack sessions. A party here and there provides the time to relax and have fun, making connections on a more personal level.

It's openSUSE Conference time in Nuremberg again. Mark your calendars!