Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg is back from hiatus! Had a great time w/ @cowglow and our newest member. Missed @jkphl though. :(

Vodafone-Kabel-Helpdesk: Belegung Nürnberg

Braucht man immer mal wieder wenn der Fernseher einzelne Sender nicht findet.

Just a short hacking sprint for me at todays Nuremberg. Full of ideas, but the little guy waiting at home made me leave. :)

openSUSE Conference 2017

The openSUSE Conference begins Friday, May 26, at 10 a.m. and will finish on Sunday, May 28. The openSUSE Conference is the annual openSUSE community event that brings people from around the world together to meet and collaborate. The organized talks, workshops, and BoF sessions provide a framework around more casual meet ups and hack sessions. A party here and there provides the time to relax and have fun, making connections on a more personal level.

It's openSUSE Conference time in Nuremberg again. Mark your calendars!

Checked into Tollwerk GmbH

Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg, yay!

Had a lot of fun (as always) at today's Nuremberg. Managed to create some content for my blog and did some necessary updates.

Hacked together my first small @withknown plugin at todays Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg. https://github.com/egoexpress/known-smallheader

Listening to the Hack Day presentation of @jkphl at the Conference Nuremberg. Lets spread the IndieWeb idea!

Had a great weekend at @indiewebcamp Nuremberg. Was a pleasure to meet all of you. Hope to get the stuff I demoed public soon.