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tmux-resurrect: Persists tmux environment across system restarts

tmux-resurrect saves all the little details from your tmux environment so it can be completely restored after a system restart (or when you feel like it). No configuration is required. You should feel like you never quit tmux.

Just added this to my tmux setup. Let's see how it works out in the long run.



exa - A modern replacement for ls

exa is a modern replacement for ls. It uses colours for information by default, helping you distinguish between many types of files, such as whether you are the owner, or in the owning group. It also has extra features not present in the original ls, such as viewing the Git status for a directory, or recursing into directories with a tree view. exa is written in Rust, so it’s small, fast, and portable.


dtrx: Intelligent archive extraction

dtrx stands for “Do The Right Extraction.” It's a tool for Unix-like systems that takes all the hassle out of extracting archives.


Play with Docker

PWD is a Docker playground which allows users to run Docker commands in a matter of seconds. It gives the experience of having a free Alpine Linux Virtual Machine in browser, where you can build and run Docker containers and even create clusters in Docker Swarm Mode.

The 'daddy' of


Play with Kubernetes

PWK is a K8s playground which allows users to run K8s clusters in a matter of seconds. It gives the experience of having a free Alpine Linux Virtual Machine in browser. Under the hood Docker-in-Docker (DinD) is used to give the effect of multiple VMs/PCs.


Eine Präsentation für eine recht systemnahe Linux-Weiterbildung. In Comic Sans gesetzt.
Es tut weh, sehr weh.

jens-maus/RaspberryMatic: A Linux/buildroot-based distribution providing a HomeMatic CCU on embedded devices like the RaspberryPi

The RaspberryMatic project is a collaborate effort to provide a Linux/buildroot-based HomeMatic compatible distribution for embedded devices like the RaspberryPi. It is based on the Open-Central-Control-Unit-SDK (OCCU) provided by eQ-3 as part of the HomeMatic home automation platform. 

Ein weiterer Puzzlestein in Richtung Heimautomation. Es gibt auch einen Alexa-Skill dazu. Und in Summe sollte ein Raspberry Pi + RaspberryMatic + der HomeMatic-Stick von ELV preiswerter als eine 'fertige' CCU sein. Mal schauen.


Hackintosh Method

Straight-forward recommendations and suggested parts lists by Dan Benjamin for building a Hackintosh capable of running macOS Sierra 10.12 (and Windows 10, Linux, etc.).


openSUSE Conference 2017

The openSUSE Conference begins Friday, May 26, at 10 a.m. and will finish on Sunday, May 28. The openSUSE Conference is the annual openSUSE community event that brings people from around the world together to meet and collaborate. The organized talks, workshops, and BoF sessions provide a framework around more casual meet ups and hack sessions. A party here and there provides the time to relax and have fun, making connections on a more personal level.

It's openSUSE Conference time in Nuremberg again. Mark your calendars!


AsciidocFX: Asciidoc Book Editor based on JavaFX 8

Asciidoc FX is a book / document editor to build PDF, Epub, Mobi and HTML books, documents and slides.

Quite useful for Asciidoc-related work on Windows. Works on Linux and Mac as well.



Cross platform GUI tool for lossless trimming / cutting of videos using ffmpeg


SUSE's tweet

Video from @openSUSE Conference: Comparison of openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise


SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP2 makes skipping service packs when updating possible and will feature public betas. Nicely done!