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Was für ein albernes Design-Pattern ist eigentlich dieses "Wir zeigen das Passwort-Eingabefeld erst an, wenn Du die E-Mail eingegeben hast"...

WebAIM: Color Contrast Checker

Ensure a proper contrast when choosing colors for your design.

Nadieh Bremer: Visual Cinnamon - Creative Data Visualization & Data Art

I create static and interactive data visualizations & data art from start to finish
from design to data analysis to visualization.

The Chromium Projects: Open Network Configuration

The Open Network Configuration specification describes a network and certificate configuration format that could be used across operating systems. Chromium OS will support it natively.

No word of OpenVPNs tun-ipv6 option.

Jeremy Keith - Resilient Web Design

With a title like Resilient Web Design, you might think that this is a handbook for designing robust websites. This is not a handbook. It’s more like a history book.